Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Life on Lane Update

Hi, I know I haven't been updating. I know, "bad artist", I get it. Good thing is I have been working, really hard. I honestly can say I love my job :)I'm painting daily now and with each day I feel improvement and confidence growing. Those are good things, so maybe even though I'm bad about updating, I can get a "good artist" for diligently painting...right :) So much to tell you all...I've joined the local watercolor society. A really nice group of fellow watercolor addicts and I think it will be good for me. Good to get out and about, good to meet other people that share a passion and good to learn some new things. I've also joined a band of plein air painters. We meet weekly and have a great time splashing about. Plein air is relatively new to me, so it's been a bit frustrating at times, but overall it's good and it's been helping me to "see" things better. Here's a few of my results from the day at the local pumpkin patch up the road from me. I've been working at the marketing end of being a working artist also. Designing and printing material for promotion purposes. Deciding what my look is or will be is a bit daunting, but in the end I just went with colors that I love and am carrying those thru with all printed pieces. I've been using VistaPrint. So far no complaints from me and they have some good sales and coupon deals. Today is a plein air day and it's unusually warm and sunny for this time of the year here in CNY, so I'm packing up and heading out. I will try to update more often and share as I paint my world...talk soon :)