Friday, September 19, 2014

Thirty out of 30, Day 19. Loosen Up

After yesterday's entry of the lily and goldfish that I spent two days on, lots of hours, lots of hair pulling, I decided to loosen the heck up this morning. Splashing paint around is my favorite way to paint. I truly love watching watercolor flow and bleed together. I even like the blooms. What are blooms? It's when you add more water to an area that is still too wet. The water and the pigment react and it pushes the paint away resulting in a splotch. I love splotches! Splotches in the right place are gorgeous. Hey Lot 5 has a splotch for a logo, yes I threw paint around to create that one too :) A loosey goosey gestural landscape for you today, Number 19, "Green Roof" photo sourced from PMP, one of my favorite barn photo's, just love that green roof :)
I forgot to mention this is on HOT Press, not my usual Arches cold press. It is an entirely different performance. It's fun to mix it up now and then ;) Happy Friday All, hope the sun is shining for your weekend wherever you may be :)

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