Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 11, "Richard's Dad"

I don't want to paint koi, the landscapes have been killing me. So I painted what was comfortable, people. I love painting people, not so much a portrait, but people you know the essence of people. I think portraits can be stiff, I like splishy splashy, lines and color that somehow come together to form a person. I hope that I capture the energy, sometimes I'm sure I do then other days, well not so much ;) Hoping today was one of those days I painted a face that was so very full of character. I loved those wrinkles, every one of them, I imagine this man has some great stories to tell and looks like he has lived a full life. Hope ya'll like it, watercolor on Arches cold press, "Richard's Dad", ref. PMP

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