Monday, September 29, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 30 ~ "Selfie"

and we come to the end of the challenge. I was able to paint more than the thirty and I do think the experience helped me to loosen up. Not worry so much about the outcome and to simply enjoy the process of splashing paint around. I think also through this I have discovered what it is about my art the seems to be a consistent theme regardless of subject. It's color. Full on saturated yummy color. I love it! Also expressive brush strokes. I'm not one to quietly sit and do a tight studied painting. I want to wave my arms in the air, I want to see the paint fly, I want a loaded brush and splash it on. I want at the end of a painting to be exhausted and happy. For my last painting I give you myself. A watercolor Selfie, if you may ;)
thank you Leslie for this wonderful challenge. It was fun to be part of. I enjoyed seeing peoples work...I learned from myself and I learned from others. I got a few new followers and made a few more friends. I think that is a huge win win :) Now, what's next.... :) 
.....a day later, I couldn't leave it alone. Something was bothering me, the cheeks, the mouth...something wasn't right...
Subtle changes that make a difference ;)

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