Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 3 ~ "Mr. Bumble"

I used to have a water garden. At our first home my husband hand dug a pond for us. We filled it with the cutest chubby goldfish. Let me tell you rabbits have nothing on goldfish ;) our 6 turned into 50 before we knew it. When we moved somehow we were able to sort out and find my favorite original fish. The cutest chubbiest little guy...or gal? how does one know the sex of a fish? It moved with us to our next home into a giant tank. Now in our 5th home we no longer have Mr. Bumble, yes I named him, and we no longer have our giant tank. However, we will create another water garden here and find a Mr. Bumble the II to fill it :) In honor of Mr. Bumble,

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