Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 27 ~ "One Peck"

Well I certainly am having a difficult time coming to grips that it is the last weekend in September. Fall has absolutely arrived in Upstate NY. The leaves have started turning and are putting on a gorgeous show. The days are golden and warm and the nights refreshingly cool. It's the time of year for bonfires, cozy blankets, laughter and hot cider. Apple pies in the oven and dinners with family and friends. I truly love this time of year, it is cozy and about family, friends, nesting, beauty and love. What's not to like :) For today's offering I share with you one of the totems of Fall. Apples! Upstate NY is apple country. The hills are planted with row after row of trees. It's just so pretty. Apple cider, apple pies, apple butter, apple tart, apple salad. Heavenly!
folks seem to like my step by step with the rooster yesterday, so I stopped painting every once in a bit to photograph the apples too. Here's another progression for you. I myself really enjoy a progression, so I hope ya'll do too :)
1. a light sketch, free hand, then layed in washes. I wet the background first and dropped in pigment, I wanted it to be fuzzy and be perceived as in the distance. I should have taken a few photo's before this one to show that I did the background first, then waited a bit before painting the bag. If I had painted the bag when the background was still shiny wet, it would have run into it, so I waited about 10 minutes to drop paint into the front bag area. 2. I painted the apples and also went into the back ground with a thirsty brush and pulled out some whites. 3. I covered the entire background with a gold wash, I added darks to the foreground and worked on details. 4. Finally I went in with a liner and added the packaging graphics, I also used the liner to spot treat areas with dark lines. aka, the jewelry ;)or stroking, lol that's what I call it at least. Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend everybody. I'm going out exploring today and will most likely stop by an orchard to get some...wait for it...APPLES :) maybe number 28 will be a painting of a pie?


  1. Wonderful! I love the focus on the apple.

    1. Thank you Diane :) I'm pleased you like it!

  2. An amazing apple composition...I love it!