Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 25, "Life on Lane ~ September sunrise"

The sunrise was soft and warm this morning. Though it was crisp and the grass wet with dew I ventured outside in my Pajamas to capture the moment. Yes folks Barefoot Pajama Lady made an appearance again. see her debut here, Though three years later and in a different state, she still is a little nutty ;) My tootsie's got soaked, but I got the shot.
Beautiful isn't it. The corn is still up and I love how it turned orange in the glow of the sun. I painted it, got a little tight. I think that when I really want to do a good job I sort of freak myself out and tighten up. If I could just not care, I'd be a master, LOL See, I'll never be a master because I will always care...oh well :) the painting,

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