Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 18

I took two days with this one. I do fear that I overworked it, but not in a completely bad way...I think water is one of those things one can fiddle with forever. There are so many reflections and movement, lights and darks. One has to simplify where one can and hope that it still reads as water. Painting the bubbles was fun :) For better or worse here's #18, I'm calling it "Bubble Bath".
Not sure about the crop, I've tried it two different ways. Let me know if you have an opinion, I'm truly undecided which looks better, the full or cropped?
Thanks for looking, onto number 19 :)


  1. Wonderful work! I like the full view. The upper left calm area is a needed contrast to the water disturbed by the fish. The contrast increases the feeling of movement.

    1. thank you for the nice words and taking the time to stop by :)! i've come to the same conclusion ;)