Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid summer update

Well I absolutely have let this blog go...I've been busy. I've been painting but more importantly I've been trying to create a life here in NY for my husband and myself.
Life is good. Life is beautiful and I continue to look for the beauty, create the beauty and share it with those that want it. My strength is returning after surgery and gardening has returned to my life. I thought I would have to give up that love, but YAY, I don't & garden nut is back. Not full force yet, but I have plans ;)
The personal painting was on the back burner for a bit as I ran outside to soak up the sunshine while it's out, summer is so short here in CNY. I have illustrated & created along with my graphic design husband two hard cider labels for a local business. That's been fun with more labels upcoming in the future and a few watercolors have appeared on my easel. Have a look, 
This is on the easel now, not sure I'm finished and I'm struggling with a title...

That's it for an update. Have a beautiful day, latah :)

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