Sunday, November 09, 2014

I've been dusting

I have slowed down a bit in my painting production. I was bitten by the, "it's Fall and time to nest" bug. I've been cleaning, purging and organizing my home. When we moved here in 2011, I literally unpacked boxes and threw things into closets drawers and pantries. I was sick at the time and thought it might not be a pleasant journey to wellness and knew I just needed to get things functional. My health is better, so I am now tackling the job of organization and getting this house to run efficiently and neatly like I had finally gotten our past one. So the painting has been less, but I have been productive and busy. I also like to take an art break around the holidays so I can give my attention to family and home. Perhaps come January I'll attempt another daily challenge :)
Here are a few paintings I managed to get out between chasing dust bunnies, enjoy!

Monday, October 06, 2014

Watercolor demo, a video. Landscape

this is a test to see if I can link a video here that I posted on Facebook...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Thirty in 30, we come to an end

It was a whirlwind. I'm heading outside to soak up the October sunshine and foliage before the onslaught of Upstate snowfall begins...might paint some foliage in the meantime too ;) A collage of the 30 in 30 for ya'll to enjoy. The paintings look kind of neat all together.
and then because I painted more than thirty, I tried a different format changing out some of the pieces.
enjoy and thank you Leslie for organizing and supporting this project, plus your kindness towards your fellow artist. It's special and appreciated :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 30 ~ "Selfie"

and we come to the end of the challenge. I was able to paint more than the thirty and I do think the experience helped me to loosen up. Not worry so much about the outcome and to simply enjoy the process of splashing paint around. I think also through this I have discovered what it is about my art the seems to be a consistent theme regardless of subject. It's color. Full on saturated yummy color. I love it! Also expressive brush strokes. I'm not one to quietly sit and do a tight studied painting. I want to wave my arms in the air, I want to see the paint fly, I want a loaded brush and splash it on. I want at the end of a painting to be exhausted and happy. For my last painting I give you myself. A watercolor Selfie, if you may ;)
thank you Leslie for this wonderful challenge. It was fun to be part of. I enjoyed seeing peoples work...I learned from myself and I learned from others. I got a few new followers and made a few more friends. I think that is a huge win win :) Now, what's next.... :) 
.....a day later, I couldn't leave it alone. Something was bothering me, the cheeks, the mouth...something wasn't right...
Subtle changes that make a difference ;)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 29...Maybe

Its day 28, but I did a little playing in the studio this morning. I'm not sure if I'll keep this as post 29. I'll see tomorrow if I get into the studio and if so what the results are. I wonder if anybody else is like me and though the challenge is 30 in 30; they actually paint much more? I painted this from a photo I took on my drive yesterday. This one was actually pretty close to home. My husband and I ventured up into the Adirondacks. Wow was it beautiful. The leaves are peaking there. I'm thinking I might paint something tomorrow from one of those photo's that I'll like better. In case I don't here is a landscape offering for a potential #29
I put the frame around it, sometimes I like them better presented as they are. I'm not sure with this one...

Thirty in 30, day 28 "Koi #9"

I think this might be my last in this series for a bit. I will come back to painting fish as I am attracted to the color and movement, not to mention the light reflections, but...there's just so much I want to paint out there. The Fall foliage is beginning to peak, how can I possible ignore that! :) For 28 I offer you Koi number 9,
This was a quick study, loose & impressionistic. I pic stitched all nine together, kind of looks neat as a grouping. What do you think?
thanks for looking, only two more to go. I have a feeling some Fall landscapes are going to be appearing soon :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 27 ~ "One Peck"

Well I certainly am having a difficult time coming to grips that it is the last weekend in September. Fall has absolutely arrived in Upstate NY. The leaves have started turning and are putting on a gorgeous show. The days are golden and warm and the nights refreshingly cool. It's the time of year for bonfires, cozy blankets, laughter and hot cider. Apple pies in the oven and dinners with family and friends. I truly love this time of year, it is cozy and about family, friends, nesting, beauty and love. What's not to like :) For today's offering I share with you one of the totems of Fall. Apples! Upstate NY is apple country. The hills are planted with row after row of trees. It's just so pretty. Apple cider, apple pies, apple butter, apple tart, apple salad. Heavenly!
folks seem to like my step by step with the rooster yesterday, so I stopped painting every once in a bit to photograph the apples too. Here's another progression for you. I myself really enjoy a progression, so I hope ya'll do too :)
1. a light sketch, free hand, then layed in washes. I wet the background first and dropped in pigment, I wanted it to be fuzzy and be perceived as in the distance. I should have taken a few photo's before this one to show that I did the background first, then waited a bit before painting the bag. If I had painted the bag when the background was still shiny wet, it would have run into it, so I waited about 10 minutes to drop paint into the front bag area. 2. I painted the apples and also went into the back ground with a thirsty brush and pulled out some whites. 3. I covered the entire background with a gold wash, I added darks to the foreground and worked on details. 4. Finally I went in with a liner and added the packaging graphics, I also used the liner to spot treat areas with dark lines. aka, the jewelry ;)or stroking, lol that's what I call it at least. Thanks for looking, have a wonderful weekend everybody. I'm going out exploring today and will most likely stop by an orchard to get some...wait for it...APPLES :) maybe number 28 will be a painting of a pie?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 26 ~ "Cocka-doodle-doo"

What does the rooster say... I had fun today, I painted a proud Red Rooster with four different approaches. Reference photo from PMP, Gary Jones.
I painted on a half sheet of Arches cold press 140lb. weight with Daniel Smith Paints. I used four brushes, two mops, a 1" flat and a liner, seen in the photo to the left.
The first Rooster I did a light sketch & wet the background in plain water.
I then, using my larger mop brush, layed down a wash on the bird allowing it to bleed to the outside. I continued with washes of wet on dry using all of the colors. As I painted, the wet on dry, turns into wet into wet which allows blending and bleeding. I like that :) I take a thirsty brush, the 1" flat and pulled some lights out here and there, finally I go in with a liner and my darks, pushing areas back and pulling areas to the foreground.
this next one I didn't do a pencil sketch, I just went right in. Wet onto dry adding clear water to blend. I used my mop brushes and pulled out highlights with my flat. I again used my liner to add detail. After the bird was painted I wet the background and charged in some pigment.
for the third attempt I painted onto dry paper, I used my 1" flat for almost the entire process, I did details with the liner, like around the eyes and some fine lines for feathers.
Finally on the last one I went crazy, kukoo, no wait...that's a different bird ;) I did a light sketch and wet the entire area. Yikes, yup I let it bleed. It actually is fun to watch the pigment do what the pigment likes to do, run baby run! Wet on wet, I dripped and I dropped. It amazes me how much pigment a wet piece of paper will take and turn the darkest darks into pale washes. *Attention folks, lesson there :)...always go darker than you think when your laying down washes. They simply fade away when they dry. I pulled out lights with my thirsty brush and with a straight on paper towel. In the end I used my liner quite a bit, loaded and loose. Well that's it. I truly think there is no "right way" to paint. I think it's about enjoying it. Trying things, letting happy accidents happen. I think that is why I love watercolor, the less I try to control it, the better it becomes. Have fun folks get out there and have a splishy splashy day :) thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 25, "Life on Lane ~ September sunrise"

The sunrise was soft and warm this morning. Though it was crisp and the grass wet with dew I ventured outside in my Pajamas to capture the moment. Yes folks Barefoot Pajama Lady made an appearance again. see her debut here, Though three years later and in a different state, she still is a little nutty ;) My tootsie's got soaked, but I got the shot.
Beautiful isn't it. The corn is still up and I love how it turned orange in the glow of the sun. I painted it, got a little tight. I think that when I really want to do a good job I sort of freak myself out and tighten up. If I could just not care, I'd be a master, LOL See, I'll never be a master because I will always care...oh well :) the painting,

Thirty in 30, day 24, Taking it down a notch

I went from yesterday's stomping dancer to a quiet moment snuggling on the bed. Today's offering "Snuggle Buddies". Tighter than yesterday, but still what I would consider loose. I do find when I try to control watercolor is when I ruin a piece ;) I had a hard time photographing this one, the whites seem to want to be blue.
I played in photoshop, but still...not quite right.
Thanks for looking, see ya'll tomorrow :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 23. I went astray

This morning I went in a direction so very different from anything I've done this month. I went RED! There's a challenge over at Paint my Photo in the loose watercolor group to paint with red. It's a difficult color, so it's a very good learning exercise. A lot of folks have been painting Flamenco dancers, it looked like fun. So, I went crazy and splashed out a dancer this morning.
Very loose, no fussing. It actually felt good, it felt very much like my figure drawing warms ups back in college. I loved that class, the short poses were so much fun. Enjoy this for number 23 and I'm heading back upstairs to the studio. I'm going to try to get ahead these next two days. Hubbies away so I can be very selfish with my time and turn into a crazed hermit artist ;) I'm kind of excited to splash around and see what happens...stay tuned :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 22, landscape again

I think I'm in a landscape rut. I tend to do that, pick a subject and beat it to death ;) I may have a few fish paintings still in me though, maybe tomorrow I will head back to the pond ;) for now, number 22 painted from a photo I took myself last winter. It was the beginning of the cold season and snow had just started to cover the fields, I think it was late October and it was a wet snow. I went out for a country drive and spotted this charming house and barn, I liked the hills in the distance and the one lone tree. Enjoy, see ya'll tomorrow and thanks for looking :) Oh yeah, on Fabriano 140lb. cold press with Daniel Smith watercolors. I like these paints, very bright and clean :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 21, splashed out two

Here we are already into the 21st of September. The leaves are starting to change here in Upstate and the nights are most defiantly chilly. It's my favorite time of the year and that nesting feeling is overflowing. Orange, russet, purple and golden greens are dominant in my palette, which I think is reflecting my vision of Fall :)
I splashed out two landscapes this morning. I had to be quick as it's Sunday, football day. Yup, I'm one of those girls that like football. I even play on my husbands fantasy league. I grew up in Foxboro Mass. Home of the New England Patriots. I would be a traitor if I didn't support "the boys" ;) I even use to babysit for some of the players kids back in the 70's and 80's. 
Anyhow, I digress. The paintings

I should have painted a football ;) not sure which one I'll title 21? I'm leaning toward the barn. See ya Monday...GOOO PATS!

p.s. thought ya'll might want to see the paintings on my table. I put a full sheet of Fabriano 140lb. cold press out and just sketched in, loosey goosey all the way ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 20

Another loosey goosey landscape for ya'll today. It's Saturday morning, I have a cold, lots to do...hence the loose sketch ;) I'm heading for the showers then the market, see ya'll tomorrow :) enjoy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thirty out of 30, Day 19. Loosen Up

After yesterday's entry of the lily and goldfish that I spent two days on, lots of hours, lots of hair pulling, I decided to loosen the heck up this morning. Splashing paint around is my favorite way to paint. I truly love watching watercolor flow and bleed together. I even like the blooms. What are blooms? It's when you add more water to an area that is still too wet. The water and the pigment react and it pushes the paint away resulting in a splotch. I love splotches! Splotches in the right place are gorgeous. Hey Lot 5 has a splotch for a logo, yes I threw paint around to create that one too :) A loosey goosey gestural landscape for you today, Number 19, "Green Roof" photo sourced from PMP, one of my favorite barn photo's, just love that green roof :)
I forgot to mention this is on HOT Press, not my usual Arches cold press. It is an entirely different performance. It's fun to mix it up now and then ;) Happy Friday All, hope the sun is shining for your weekend wherever you may be :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 18

I took two days with this one. I do fear that I overworked it, but not in a completely bad way...I think water is one of those things one can fiddle with forever. There are so many reflections and movement, lights and darks. One has to simplify where one can and hope that it still reads as water. Painting the bubbles was fun :) For better or worse here's #18, I'm calling it "Bubble Bath".
Not sure about the crop, I've tried it two different ways. Let me know if you have an opinion, I'm truly undecided which looks better, the full or cropped?
Thanks for looking, onto number 19 :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 17

I have not been following my own rules. I set out in this challenge to paint underwater scenes. To conquer light and bubbles and movement and, and, stuff. I got sidetracked, I got nervous, I went to my safe place with painting people. Then I got even more nervous and doubtful and pulled out the pen. I started drawing vs. painting. Hmmmm, what made me do that? Was it the time constraint, the subject matter, the paralyzing need for perfection. Hate that perfection thing! I'm not sure, but have a sneaking suspicion it's all of the above combined together to create the perfect storm of my deviant behavior ;) I yelled at myself and went back to my original quest. Well, kind of...first I played with the pen again
...but hey isn't the end result what matters...
I do want to try the rainy scene again, but hide the pens. I think it will lend itself well to a runny drippy impressionistic painting. thanks for looking and thank you for not calling me out on not following my own rules ;) rules are made to be broken, right?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 16, "When's Lunch"

I seem to grabbing that pen quite a bit these days. "When's Lunch", doesn't he look like he's waiting for something. watercolor on Arches cold press with pen & ink. I need to hide those pens and get back to the brush ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 15, Maybe?

it's actually Sunday day 14 and I did a sketch. Might be used for #15 if I can't get to the studio tomorrow. I hope to as I'm not entirely satisfies with this painting. I was in a hurry, hence the pen. Anyhow, enjoy :) "Red Hat Purple Dress" watercolor with Pen & ink on Arches.
What is it about type that I just love adding to an illustration

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 14, "Spelunking with the Mason-Hills"

A loosie goosie sketch for ya'll today. Our best friends children out hiking and exploring in Virginia. Love these kids, they are like family. They call us Fauntie Judy and Funcle Peter, fake Aunt and Uncle ;) Love them! watercolor on Arches,

Thirty in 30, day 13, "First Love"

Another progression for you. I don't know what I was thinking starting with a green base? It was awful coming out of it and hence I overworked the entire piece. I was thinking the green background would cast a green light on the entire subject, it just made it muddy. Next time I'll drop green into the flesh tone so to keep it all bright and clean. Lesson learned. I also found out something I can't paint, DOGS. Oh my, but I think I can paint a wolf ;) this is a scary looking little puppy I painted. Maybe that should be my next challenge, painting animals. I've never been very good at it, so it would be a challenge and an opportunity to learn...we'll see. Until tomorrow, have a good one :)

Thirty in 30, day 12, "Pretty in Pink"

that magenta was tought to work with, it's very staining. Here's a progression for you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thirty in 30, day 11, "Richard's Dad"

I don't want to paint koi, the landscapes have been killing me. So I painted what was comfortable, people. I love painting people, not so much a portrait, but people you know the essence of people. I think portraits can be stiff, I like splishy splashy, lines and color that somehow come together to form a person. I hope that I capture the energy, sometimes I'm sure I do then other days, well not so much ;) Hoping today was one of those days I painted a face that was so very full of character. I loved those wrinkles, every one of them, I imagine this man has some great stories to tell and looks like he has lived a full life. Hope ya'll like it, watercolor on Arches cold press, "Richard's Dad", ref. PMP

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Thirty in 39, day 10, "Fall on the Farm"

O.k. I know it's still day 9, but I'm tired and need a day out of the studio to do life stuff. I'm kind of tired, you know... here is number 10, another landscape. I'll get back to Koi for number 11, I promise :)

Thirty in 30, day 9, "Scottich Loch"

I'm still painting water, just a very different view of it ;) Paint my photo has challenges, sometimes I enter. This month it is painting mountains in a very long horizontal way. Not easy to get the majestic feel of mountains in a shallow long format ;) This is my second attempt and will also be #9 in the 30 in 30. Watercolor on Arches, 4 1/2" x 19"

Monday, September 08, 2014

Thiry in 30, Day 8, "Lurking"

It's Monday, lots to do, truck is in shop, rescheduled appointments, laundry, change beds, pay bills, dust, vacuum, more laundry, take the kits out, take trash to curb, trash in, pull out the Fall decor, stare at the Fall decor and sigh, throw some orange stuff around the house. Pretty! Clean the litter box, sweep the litter up, unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, unload the dishwasher, create a masterpiece... CREATE A MASTERPIECE! Ha, not bloody likely ;) a quickie for number eight. watercolor with pen & ink. Off to get the sheets out of the dryer and think about what to make for dinner, thank goodness I de-frosted chicken or we'd be eating cat food with the kits. oh yeah, feed the kits! Lots to do on Mondays.
titled "Lurking" ref. photos PMP.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Thirty in 30, Day 7, "Here Comes Moby"

It rained yesterday so I took advantage of a cozy indoor day and painted today's number 7 on day 6. The sun is already rising in the sky on this beautiful Sunday and I don't want to miss a minute of it! Fall is quickly arriving here in NY, it's a gorgeous colorful crisp time of the year. My very favorite season, but it does have the shadow of winter looming over it, so every moment of it can not be wasted ;) Back to the Koi.
Then for fun I did a collage, somehow when I put an illustration into a format that has type it becomes a little more authentic for me. That must go back to my design school roots ;) Just can't break free from that typography!
Enjoy your Sunday all, thanks for looking and see you tomorrow :)