Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What do I know?

Number 15, otherwise known as "Oliver". Let's see, what do I know about little Oliver? First of all, he's my cousin. The first born to my first cousin Frank and his lovely wife Mandy. So that makes Oliver my first cousin once removed...right? He's adorable, he has big, I mean BIG blue eyes and chunky cheeks that beg to be smothered in kisses. 

His portrait went fast, I must have been in the mood to paint. If all the forces align I can whip out a painting pretty darn fast. If anything is off, and I mean anything, then I know it will be a struggle ;)
I seem to becoming more confident with my brush strokes, I seem to know what will happen with the pigment more than I did on # 1. By not trying to control the paint so much some nice things are happening. I say this, but last night I did a bad thing...I looked at other artists portraits. Gawd! Don't do that while you're in the middle of a challenge like mine. It fills your prior thought of "nice things are happening" to you stink, put the brush down and give up lady, cause you don't know a thing! Extreme thoughts, I know, but the insecurities and temperament of artists...well let's just say we are a critical bunch when it comes to our own work. That I do know ;)
Not letting my negative thoughts take over, today I proceeded onto number 16.

I'm calling him "Little Big Man". Cool dude with the shades, but oh what a pout ;) here's a progression for you...
I actually went back in from the third photo and removed a lot of paint. I softened him up a bit. It's always a struggle of correction, layer it in, take it out, a little more, a little less. I think with watercolor, knowing what not to paint is just, if not more, important than knowing what to paint.
I may attempt number 17 today? I can't believe over half the day has disappeared! I still haven't had breakfast and it's way past lunch time. I'm hungry, this I know! Latah all and thanks for reading :)
~ Judy


  1. I love these, Judy...you certainly know how to capture an expression...I totally agree about not looking at others while you are painting...I do that and it always messes me up. I can be soaring and then look at a portrait done in another style and think, "Why didn't I do that?" I guess its a thing with most artists, huh?

  2. thanks! Yes, never never look while in the midst ;)