Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Number Six ~ Sea Salt

Today's adventure in watercolor went to a fun place. I got out the sea salt. WHAT?! Salt for painting? For those of you that might not be painters I will explain. Salt absorbs water, so if put down onto a wet surface it will soak up the water along with the paint pigment. Once dried, it leaves behind the most beautiful crystal echo's on the paper. 
A friend sent me a photo of her adorable daughter in a giant fur hat and I thought it would be the perfect subject to incorporate a salt technique.
I started with a sketch
Cute isn't she :)

Then I wet my paper. I put water only where I wanted pigment to travel. The paint will only go where I let it. If I had wet the entire paper the the pigment would bleed everywhere. This is one way to control watercolor:)
I mixed cad. Red with Prussian blue and then added straight dioxide purple and Prussian blue to the already painted surface. While it is wet I scattered my salt.

Next are the flesh tones. I want the face to pop. I went with a more orange tone and green for shadows. The green plays off of the red and purple of the hat and the orange off of the blue. Those are complimentary colors, (opposite on the color wheel). I'm not worried about the dripping paint, I kind of like it, as it adds to the texture of the hat and gives the painting movement.

I have give the paint some drying time (about 30 min.) and then went in with water and a brush and pulled out some highlights. This is another way to control the "uncontrollable" medium of watercolor :)

Finally some details with a striping brush and the portrait is finished. This one was fun, hope you liked it :)
Thanks for stopping by Lot 5 studio, come back now ya hear ;)
~ Judy

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  1. I have used salt before, but I never thought about using it in a portrait. It really added some texture to the hair! ~ Paula