Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Me and my Obnoxious Self

Two portraits in to my challenge of the month. I somehow accomplished ten girls and felt with each one, my approach went more smoothly. As for boys, so far they really aren't much different than girls. Perhaps it's because they are young and one doesn't have to worry about any chiseled features yet ;)

Number 1 boy 11th portrait:

He's a cutey isn't he, and he has two equally adorable brothers to inspire me :)
A montage of the work in progress for your viewing pleasure...

The next portrait hasn't received much feedback. I'm not sure if it's the painting or me overloading folks with my work. I'm hoping it's because I'm obnoxious and not that it's a failed painting ;) funny, I can live with annoying people, but not failing at my art. Ohh the temperament of the artist ;)

I thought this painting was very illustrative and tried combining it with type. Kind of works don't ya think?

Thanks for reading and putting up with my obnoxious self :) onto number 13. Hmmm, who shall it be ?


  1. Fantastic, Judy! Your boys are looking as good as your girls! ~ Paula