Friday, June 14, 2013

I brought This Upon Myself

I'm getting tired and feeling the pressure that I have self induced.  I feel like Martin from The Simpsons, "I brought this on myself" ;)

I've made it to number 14, with some success and with some frustration. I can see that I'm bolder with my brush strokes and richer with the pigment, yet I still struggle with the likeness. I hope that I am capturing the essence of the subject? I have noticed as I paint I am more concerned about the light than the shape, so perhaps that is where I need to work and improve. Once shape, proportion, color, value all come together...THEN I think it will be very satisfying :)
Here's lucky 13 : 

I like letting the paint run :) the progression for you to see some of my steps to the final

Both of these subjects are from a source that I found a few years ago and didn't utilize. I re-discovered it and really like the site. paint my photo, a wonderful source of inspiration for artists. Both these boys are grandsons of PMP friends. Here's number 14, 
Those eyes were fun to paint :)
It's Friday so I think I will be taking the weekend off, but come Monday I'll need to paint two or three to complete this challenge. Hmmm, I best rest up, this is exhausting ;) Enjoy and thanks for reading :)

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