Friday, June 07, 2013

Dishes are Piling Up

Let's see, where did I leave off...number 6...what's today's date? When I get going like this I have a tendency to lose complete track of time and life in general. I become oblivious to the world around me, that includes my wonderful husband. 
Poor man had nothing for breakfast the other day because I didn't get to the grocer. The laundry has piled up and the kitchen counters...where are the kitchen counters, because I can't see them ;) it's all in the name of art so that makes it o.k.....right? :)
Number 7 : a sweet girl painted from a PMP source, Sammy's photo of her grandaughter.
I think I went more illustrative with this. I did a lot scrubbing to pull out the lights. What's scrubbing you ask? It's going in with a clean wet brush and re-wetting the surface and either blotting or soaking up the pigment. I recently tried the 'magic eraser' trick and like it with mixed results. If not careful one can magic erase the surface of the paper. Once the surface is scrubbed and damaged there isn't any coming back from that. Can we say, "ruh roh!"

number 8 : sourced from Facebook, I nosed my way around many of my friends photo's for inspiration. This one spoke to me loudly. Such an adorable little girl, all pretty in pink sporting the most annoyed expression. I can just imagine her thoughts, 'leave me alone to play, it's hot!'
Here is a progression, she developed pretty quickly. I used a pigment I haven't tried before, Dr. Martin's watercolor ink. It's concentrated and intended for airbrush use. One tiny dab went a looooonnnnnngg way. It stains the paper so there isn't any amount of scrubbing that will remove it. So, one must trust in thy self and just go for it. I think I did :)

Number 9 : not sure I want to even share number nine... The force just wasn't with me. Let's just say I learned what not to do and leave it at that ;)

number 10 : this portrait has special meaning to me. It's of a young girl I met in Ireland. Her mother and I are FB pals. We got to meet for lunch last June when I visited Ireland with my family. This sweet child charmed me through and through. She has a spark in her and such a loving presence. I will never forget something she said, when my Mom asked her how she learned to dance, she replied with a big smile, "it's my special talent." There was no conceit in the statement, nothing bragotty about it, just a matter of fact knowlege. How I wish we all could as innocently say, it's my special talent, and feel it was o.k. to announce. Out of the mouths of babes :) well world, I think art is my special talent and I'm proud to share it with you all. Thank you Caoimhe for teaching me something :)
Here's Caoimhe with her new dog.

I'm calling it "Puppy Love"

It's Friday today, looking forward to the weekend with Peter. Brushes down and adventure time together is in need. Maybe wash a dish or two ;) enjoy all and see you next week. I'll be starting ten paintings of boys...wonder if I'll approach them differently than girls? (That was a cliff hanger in case you didn't notice, lol) see ya :)
~ Judy


  1. My goodness, Judy, you have mastered the child portrait! These are so awesome! ~ Paula

  2. Attempting boys next week Paula, we'll see how that goes ;)