Monday, June 03, 2013

Day three - Frustration w/ edit

I want to be one of those artist that seem to just have it. You ease of self, that confidant approach to their work. That attitude that only comes from knowing 'you got this'. Alas, I don't have "it", not yet.
Four hours of painting child portraits today in the vein of my monthly challenge. Three hours on one, that I failed miserably with, and one with another that I failed somewhat with. 
Here's number 4 in the succession 
I completely overworked this, got caught up in trying to achieve a likeness that I didn't step back to get a better idea. It's stiff and stagnant. Some good things I think are the loose background and some areas of the clothing. I will try this same one again until I get it right.
Number 5:
So after being so tight and sweating the details, I rebelled and approached this portrait with a loose fast brush. Get in, get out. Unfortunately this too looks nothing like the inspiration, but I do really like how I captured the light. That pleases me ;) 
Brushes down for the day. Tomorrow I will continue and perhaps find a happy medium between the two approaches of today and hopefully be able to capture a better likeness of the subject. 
See ya!

*EDIT - I couldn't help myself, I went back into the fifth portrait,
Subtle changes and photographed in daylight. I think it makes a difference and I am much more pleased with the end result.


  1. Judy, your paintings are wonderful! Really, they are! I especially like the two from Day 1! ~ Paula

  2. Thank younPaula, stay tuned I have 25 more to go ;)