Monday, December 19, 2011

Commissioned Art

Shall we just say that the bowl was a good lesson to learn and leave it as that. It came out horribly.
I do think I learned something, more coats of glaze, and that I'll try it again. Again when I'm not rushed and a deadline isn't breathing down my neck ;)

As for the painting. I'm pretty pleased with it.
Let me share the progression with you all.
First was the sketch and loose color application in my prior post
Then I started another drawing and added washes of color

Slowly I built up the color and added details

a few more hours with it...

and the final.

I've put the paintbrush down, all ceramic orders are finished and on their way to be placed under Christmas trees. Lot 5 is officially closed until the New Year. Happy Holidays to all, may your New year be full of hope and all that you dream of become possible. See ya'll soon :)

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