Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cutting it Close

Christmas is just a little over a week away and we are still running the kiln getting our last minute ceramic orders out. Some mugs, a bowl and lots of ornaments. I really don't like cutting it this close, but to get enough for a kiln load takes time when you're not a full time production potter.

I'm trying something new with a bowl that is a custom request and something I haven't tried before. We'll see how it comes out, it all might run together and be a big mess, or it might blend beautifully and be a gorgeous flower. Oh kiln Gods please be kind!

I think investing in a smaller kiln to do little things might be something we seriously need to look into.

I'm also starting, working on and finishing a watercolor in these next two days. It's a house for friends of ours. They'll be gifting it to their parents. I want it to be everything they hope it to be. Not much pressure there ;)

Stage one, the photo :
It worked out perfectly for me to take my own reference photo's as Peter and I were in Delaware for a wedding and this house was on the shore just a few miles away from the wedding. Can you believe it was December, it looks so warm doesn't it!

Stage two, the sketch :

A quick free hand sketch.

I'm thinking I'll do a warm up with this and depending on how it goes either continue and tighten it up or begin another.

To be continued....

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