Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Lot 5 style

For a few years now I've been an avid reader and fan of Christmas decorating blogs. Lots of them have "linked in" Holiday parties where the readers are given the wonderful opportunity to view many gorgeous interiors all gussied up for the holidays. I love this! This year I thought I'd give it a try and share Lot 5 dressed up for Christmas with you all.


Lot 5's front porch. I didn't spend a cent, I "shopped" my gardens. Branches that hit me in the head this summer while I mowed the lawn were clipped and put in the planters. I spray painted the old rusty metal planters with a fun Lot 5 green.

They look much nicer now. Hedge apples, brain balls, monkey balls, ousage oranges, whatever you might call them are abundant at Lot 5.

I just love the chartruese color and they give off a sweet pine scent that greets our visitors. Some old skates get a pine twist of clippings from the leylands.

Come on inside and warm up a bit :)

Company's coming and the table is set. Once again I looked to my gardens for inspirations and unrolled some burlap for a table runner. The texture of burlap is so yummy.

Blue, green and brown dollar store snowflakes add sparkle and a simple wooden baguette tray holds ornaments and tea lights. These lights are my must have for the season. Battery operated and flickering, just like candles with out the danger of fire, no wax worries and no smoke. Love them!

I really tried to simplify this year and kept the decor to natural cuttings and ornaments. We are nature lovers here at Lot 5 studio and try to reflect that love indoors as well. Woodland creatures, birds, pinecones, and garden cuttings make up most of my design aesthetic.

Anyone can create this simple floral display that will last the entire season. Cuttings from Lot 5's shrubs trees and plastic, yes PLASTIC ornaments.

Why plastic? See the blury ornaments, they were moving, why? Say Hello to Calvin :)
He likes to be "involved" in the decor, hence the plastic. I've lost one too many glass ornaments since my Calvin cat has joined our family :) His sister Molly is much better behaved, no coal in her stocking this year ;)

My husband's camera collection watched over by a nutcracker and a Christmas cactus that of course bloomed at Thanksgiving :)

Even the bookshelves get a special Holiday message.

Some of my antique "Christmas ornaments scatter around the house in all the little spaces. I just love this little Santa!

Let's not forget the mantel. Earthy and somewhat monochromatic, with evergreen clippings and green frosted snowflakes. Stockings don't go up until Christmas Eve at Lot 5. It's a tradition from waaaayyyy back when.

I dug out my baby cup for a little silver shine and filled it with wooden matches. It actually has dents from where I bit it as a child, funny!

I have a thing for blue pottery and absolutely fell in love with this reproduction German chocolate mold santa in stoneware, glazed with my favorite blue. Pretty mercury ornaments set him off well.

Into the kitchen where I like to let food be the decor. The cloves in the oranges smell sooo nice.

Red and green apples fill the pie stand while my sleeping elf, that I've had since I was a child, finds a spot for a nap in a Liberty blue tea cup. She's just so cute!

I do believe, I do believe :)

The sun is starting to set, lights are coming on. I must go find the window candles to light up the house. Thank you for stopping by.

A very Merry Christmas to all from us at Lot 5. Happy Holidays, enjoy your loved ones, give with a warm generous heart and be open to love. Our wish for all this 2011 Holiday season.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Fox Hollow! What a pretty place you have. Must say, your kitties are gorgeous. We have two Maine Coons. If you visit my facebook page, I have a few photos there. Merry Christmas, Shannon

  2. Hi Shannon, thank you for popping in. I'll tell Calvin & Molly what you said :) My furbabies are Norwegian Forest cats, which are related to the Maine Coon. I tried your FB page, couldn't click on the link from your blog. I'll try looking you up on FB. Merry Christmas to you too :) ~ Judy

  3. Your home is pretty and decorated so nicely for the holidays. I especially like the little blue Santa and your natural mantel. Cool camera collection too. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  4. What a great front porch. Calvin and Molly are beautiful, too! :)

  5. Thank you Elizabeth, we love old camera's and other old things around here. Merry Christmas to you too :)

  6. Julia, thanks so very much for stopping by! Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

  7. I love your porch. It is just so welcoming. I loved the tour.

  8. Thank you Michelle, Merry Christmas to you :)

  9. The porch rocks - love the old white chair and skates! The clove lemons are a great twist on the usual oranges. And those cute Christmas kitties!

  10. Hello, Calvin!
    In spite of your furry undecorator, your home is beautiful. Lots of good Pinterest material. I'm book marking to come back and see what else you're up to!
    (from Nester's Holiday Home Tour)

  11. May I puh-lease come sit on your porch?? Your place looks so lovely and festive!
    This is our first year without "cat attacks" against our tree! Your kittys look so well behaved!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  12. Hi redefining and Kerry, thanks so for stopping by & thanks for the kind words. All are welcome on our porch; we have neighborhood cocktails on Friday afternoons :)
    Merry Christmas!

  13. LOVE your style! I especially love your front door, vintage cameras and scrabble peices! Merry Christmas!

  14. Visiting from The Nester, your home is beautifully done for the holidays. Love it. Following you. Diane

  15. Hi Ashley and Diane, Thanks for stopping by :) Happy Holidays to you both!

  16. It all looks beautiful!! Love all the natural elements!!

  17. Thank you Shaunna & thank you for stopping by :) Merry Christmas to you.

  18. Your home looks so festive. I just love the way you decorated your front porch. It looks so nice.

  19. Thank you Robin and thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays :)