Friday, August 26, 2011

Procrastinating my Art

While my procrastination for creating new artwork is in full swing I've been keeping the creativity flowing by re-arranging my home. Fall is in the air and the nesting instinct is taking over.
I like wine, I keep the corks. I have a big bowl full of corks. So many creative uses for corks, but that would mean my art procrastination would have to come to an end & since it's going so well why end it ; ) Until I create again I decided to PUT A CORK IN IT. Literally : ) The dining room gets an accessory makeover.

The corks have a new home for now.


  1. Thanks for coming over to visit me and liking my page! Love those corks under the cloche!

  2. Thanks Kelly, love your page! Thank you for popping over here :)