Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egg on my Face

I spent yesterday afternoon at my easel. I set up a still life of a tea cup and silver spoon. Sounds like a simple painting doesn't it...well 4 hours later and frustrated beyond belief at my seemingly inability to paint a simple form I decided it was back to basic for me.
Oil paints are relatively new to me. My history with paints has been with watercolor and acrylics. Oils intimidated me. As a design student, oils seemed serious. They were for "real" artists and at the time I imagined myself in the genre of illustrator. Hence my oil painting experience is somewhat lacking on my resume.
To counteract that and to teach myself confidence with the medium I am dedicating the month of February 2011 to re-visiting the simple form. Concentrating on light, reflected light, shadows, brush strokes, mixing colors and I will do that with an egg. I will paint eggs for one month. White eggs, brown eggs, gosh I wonder if some of my friends that have chickens would let me have some blue or green eggs?
Let the scramble begin, what a good egg, I have egg on my face...should I go on ; )

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