Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Challenge is on

It's a new year and a new focus here at Lot 5. Both Peter and I are, and will be continuing, to set personal artistic challenges. Peter started off the year with a goal of 100 mugs in January. He's doing pretty well, 50 down and 50 to go. For now I'm calling him the Mug Man. He's gotta nice mug that mug man of mine, say that three times fast ; )

I admire his fortitude and his ability of consistency, something I struggle with. Some mugs lined up fresh from the wheel.

What's my challenge, you might ask? Not as lofty as Peter's. I only gave up a week on this month's creative adventure. I attempted to be creative with something, some how, a day for seven days straight. I sort of completed mine, does making soup count ; )
I had fun with a variety of mediums, resulting in both success and failure. The week started with my scarecrow ceramic sculpture, *see yesterday's blog, and ended with a oil painting that will most likely get wiped off the canvas, lol.

Some of my challenges offerings;

Enjoy whilst I ponder the next challenge for Lot 5 studio : )


  1. Soup definitely counts as an artistic endeavor!!!

  2. Thanks Graciela, I've always considered cooking an art form too ~ Judy